• Take decisions based on real information and specialized tools.
  • Early identification of faults that may become critical.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
    • Helps prevent unnecessary replacement of spare parts.
  • Spare parts inventory reduction:
    • Avoid unnecessary changes of parts.
    • Electricity savings by decreasing vibration.
    • Quality improvement processes.
  • Reduced service and maintenance intervals.
  • Low implementation cost.

Knowing the precise conditions of the machinery

  • Trends visible in real time.
  • Let you know when the problem started and how quickly it is getting worse.
  • To predict when there will come a dangerous value of vibration.
  • Savings generated by increased production, reduced inventories of spare parts and increasing maintenance efficiency.
  • The monitoring services are offered in monthly income plans

Why I can get savings?

1. - Because unscheduled shutdowns and failures are reduced.

2. - Because you can calculate when it will fail and what will fail.

3. - Because machines with low vibration level consume less energy.